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Quality coffee from our roastery

Ingredients imported from around the world are processed into quality coffee at our roasting factory, one of the oldest in Finland. Esteemed single origin coffees, estate coffees and coffee blends are created by hand in Pirkanmaa. Our range focuses on ethically and sustainably produced coffee. Dark and light roasts, flavoured and unflavoured coffees – they all have their place. The coffees are tasted, i.e., cupped beforehand. There are all kinds of coffee in the world, but the aroma of fresh, just roasted coffee takes some beating.



Sumatra Wahana Estate

A light-roast speciality from Sumatra in Indonesia



Finlandia coffee

A medium-roast, soft and full blend of three farm coffees. A favourite coffee for special occasions and daily uses.



Peru Cecanor FTO Cafe Femenino

Dark-roast, fair-trade organic coffee from Peru. Cecanor coffee comes from the Cafe Femenino project, supporting female coffee farmers.

The range of coffees


Mokkamestarit supplies freshly roasted coffee to tickle the taste buds from its own roasting factory. Ingredients gathered from around the world are processed by hand into first-rate coffee at Teivo in Tampere.

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Flavoured coffees

Banana, nut, toffee, chocolate or, say, orange – each has its place on the coffee table and in Mokkamestarit’s online store. Be bold and try out new flavour combinations, you’ll be smitten!

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Coffee supplies

You’ll find Eureka coffee mills, various pour over coffee making implements, coffee jars and cups and other coffee supplies imported by Mokkamestarit in our online store.

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