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Coffee making methods

The various coffee making methods are an easy way to take your coffee experience to new heights, and our wide range offers everyone just the right way to make genuinely better coffee.

On Mokkamestarit’s home barista courses, attendees are taught the use of trendy pour over-coffee devices hands-on. On our easy-going courses, we make coffee with, e.g., Chemex, Clever Dripper and Aeropress. Come and join us!


Filtered coffee

Making good coffee does not necessarily call for specialist coffee equipment. The familiar filter coffeemaker is a quick and easy way to make delicious specialist coffee. Making filter coffee also has its own tricks, and little details can be decisive for flavour. The dosage ratio of coffee and water and grinding coarseness are just as important as the freshness of the coffee and water and proper equipment. It is also important to keep the equipment clean and remove calcium regularly.



Originally from Italy, espresso requires a lot from its maker and a quality espresso is the mark of a skilled barista.

It is made using an espresso machine and coffee mill. The coffee is ground at a suitable coarseness into the espresso handle and beaten flat. Water is then poured under pressure through the handle straight into the espresso cup.

A perfect espresso is created with diligent practice and always requires newly ground and the freshest possible coffee.



Aeropress is a modern way of making coffee displacing the filter coffeemaker in many homes.

This odd-looking device suitable for a variety of coffee grades is easy to use, quick to learn and, thanks to its compact size, it is handy to take with you when travelling or on days out in the country.


Clever Dripper

As its names implies, Clever Dripper is an ingenious way to take filter coffee to a new level. The coffee is dosed into the filter funnel and water is added. The coffee is allowed to extract for a suitable time and then the dripper is placed on top of the cup, and the coffee drips straight into the cup. Fine coffee doesn’t come easier than this!



Chemex is a method developed by US chemist Peter Schlumbohm, with the handsome Chemex glass jug the star of the show. In this pour over method, the amount of coffee and water is measured precisely on scales. The water is poured slowly in a rotating motion to get the best result.

With this method, each coffee’s own features are brought out superbly. Chemex calls for precision but the result is worth waiting for and, on top of that, is beautiful to behold.


Hario V60

Developed by the Japanese, Hario V60 is the dream method for the perfectionist. With this small-sized device, the coffee is made using the pour over style. The name of the device comes from its exterior: viewed from the side, the filter funnel is V-shaped and the walls are at angles of 60 degrees. This method produces pure and fantastic coffee. V60 aims for perfection and Hario equipment is highly esteemed by coffee fans.