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Welcome to Mokkamestarit shops!

At its stores, Mokkamestarit offers its coffee-thirsty customers an exceptionally diverse range of coffees. The origin of the coffee, the cultures of the producer countries and the effect of the soil on the coffee’s flavour are all close to our hearts.

Tampere, centre

Fine products, competent service from coffee and tea professionals and the baristas’ skills come together on Verkatehtaankatu, for an exciting coffee and tea experience to savour. A kaleidoscope of vinyl records from different musical periods crowns the whole thing!

Street address: Verkatehtaankatu 9, 33100 Tampere
Tel: 050 4535 203
Open: Mon-Fri: 11–18 h and Saturdays 10–15 h

The Roasting Factory shop

Mokkamestarit’s coffee Roasting Factory also has its own specialist coffee and tea store selling supplies. At the Roasting Factory store, the coffee is at its freshest, and the roaster is at work at the very origins of the coffee experience.

Street address: Kuukuja 8 E, 33420 Tampere
Tel: +358 50 553 5003
Open: Weekdays 9–17 h

Coffee is a social thing

Finland now has its own distinctive coffee culture, with lots of daily coffee drinking. Coffee meets between people at home or in cafes, and workplace coffee breaks, are an essential part of Finnish social life. Nowadays, the trend at workplaces, too, is towards better quality coffee. As everyone knows, it’s quality that counts, not quantity – especially in coffee.

“Let's go for a coffee”

Coffee culture is also all about the milieu, equipment and tableware, aesthetics and music. For many, coffee culture also means silence and unwinding by themselves in the company of their favourite coffee or tea. Coffee is present on social occasions, when strangers make acquaintance, or friends meet to catch up. It is these moments that we also offer in our coffee stores.

By offering a variety of coffee grades and sector training, Mokkamestarit has helped mould Finnish specialist coffee culture.

Our love of coffee and our expertise are reflected in our ever-improving range and in the freshness of the coffee.