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Quality tea from Teetaikurit

The ancient mystical tea culture is taking over the world and quality tea is now part of modern life. Mokkamestarit’s passion for tea has led it to create its own Teetaikurit brand, guaranteeing a whole range of top grades and freshness. Teetaikurit is synonymous with good tea, boasting the best from the tea cultures of Japan, China, Korea and India. Mokkamestarit’s teas originate in quality tea houses. Our teas include black, green, oolong and white tea, and rooibos.


Yellow tea

China, Kekecha

Hand processed and partly oxidized prestigious yellow tea from China.


Black tea

Rwanda, FOP Rukeri

Organic black tea from Rukeri Estate in Rwanda. This tea is handled with extreme care in order to keep the large tea leaves intact and wiry.


Green tea

Ceylon, OP Idulgashina

Organic green tea from the small Idulgashina tea plantation in the Uva tea region.

The range of teas

Unflavoured teas

Teetaikurit is a byword for high-quality tea. It offers the finest grades of tea from the tea cultures of, e.g., Japan, China, Korea and India. The range features not only familiar classics but also new specialities.

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Flavoured teas

For the friend of flavoured tea, Teetaikurit offers a comprehensive range of flavours: blueberry, spicy chai, jasmine, pomegranate – and many more! Flavoured teas also come in organic versions.

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Tea supplies

Infusing tea is easy and fun with suitable equipment. There is not just one correct way to infuse tea leaves, and we recommend you experiment boldly to discover your own style. The Teetaikurit range includes a comprehensive set of supplies from different tea cultures. We also stock traditional tea sieves, throwaway and reusable filters, thermometers and timers.

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