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Tea facts

Teetaikurit – Mokkamestarit's own brand of tea

Mokkamestarit have been dealing in tea since the outset. Over the years, Finnish tea culture has undergone a dramatic development which we have played a part in. Mokkamestarit’s own tea brand Teetaikurit is a synonym for good tea. The range contains top grades from esteemed tea farms, black, green, oolong and white tea, as well as rooibos, mate tea and infusions.

Loose tea and organic

At Mokkamestarit, quality loose teas have always been an essential part of the range, since we want to make Finnish tea culture more exciting and imaginative. From one year to the next, people are getting more and more into loose tea – especially the organic teas that Teetaikurit loves.

Healthy and superfood

Nowadays, tea is also a popular superfood thanks to its antioxidants and other proven health properties. Its soothing effect has increased its appeal with the growing enthusiasm for mindfulness, yoga and meditation.

On the crest of trends

People are connoisseurs of tea in the same way as specialist coffees. At present, tea trends include crossover, with mental flavour images from, say, coffee, and Oolong tea, used to cleanse the palate before tasting espressos. Making Bowl Brew tea is a ritual all of its own, where the tea leaves are left to release all their great flavours and properties in water at a particular temperature.

Learning something new on our tea courses

The ancient tea cultures in Japan and China are a constant source of inspiration for tea people and they can be examined and studied endlessly. At Mokkamestarit, we also love ‘cupping’ tea and we study all things tea with open and curious minds.

Mokkamestarit’s tea courses focus on infusion, and students also get the chance to analyse flavours more in-depth.

  • Choose a tea suitable for your mood and situation, and the right dosage
  • Each tea has its own infusion time: you can see the optimal infusion time on our packs
  • The temperature of the water poured onto the tea leaves varies according to the type of tea: black tea enjoys boiling hot water and green prefers it cooler