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Responsibility and Values

Mokkamestarit's values – What inspires us

Successful customer relationships are a top priority for everyone at Mokkamestarit. Our staff are proud to work for a company whose qualified and friendly customer service is valued and whose products are regarded as trustworthy.

Authentic enthusiasm for coffee and tea is reflected in Mokkamestarit’s service.

We make products that are suitable for everyone – irrespective of the customer’s knowledge of coffee or tea, preference and expertise, or the calibre of equipment at home.

We encourage everyone to be bold and try out specialist coffee.


The values ​​of Mokkamestarit include responsibility for the origin of coffee. We work with a product from developing countries, which are struggling with challenging climate change and human dignity. We greatly appreciate the coffee growers, the coffee workers and the countries of origin where our coffee comes from.

We are looking for, and have found, partners with coffee farms and growers who are working to improve the production methods of their coffee farms, are aware of nature conservation and are working to improve their community. We also work with green coffee traders who share these values ​​with us and who have a mission and will for change.

An important part of our coffee range is female farmed coffee. Women are often in the weakest position in coffee production and do the heaviest work in submissive conditions. By purchasing their products, we can support women's empowerment for a more valuable life, and it is well-known that women share the revenue they make with coffee for the development of their entire community, such as education and health. The Cafe Femenino project is a good example of this.

We visit coffee farms regularly and based on our findings, we can make more responsible choices and influence change. Whenever possible, we always try to choose an organic alternative.

Our domestic ethical choices

* The Key Flag certificate

* A certified organic and Fair trade business

* Member of Ring that bears producer responsibility for its packs

* Direct financial support for the Los Chiquitines children’s home in the Cali coffee cultivation area in Columbia since 2006

* Plan support child

* Use of renewable energy at the roasting factory, with plans for own solar panels

* Mokkamestarit’s coffee packs can be recycled in energy waste, and there are plans for switching to biodegradable wastes in future.

* Our roasting facility has accomplished Zero Waste objective.