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Mokkamestarit's values – What inspires us

Successful customer relationships are a top priority for everyone at Mokkamestarit. Our staff are proud to work for a company whose qualified and friendly customer service is valued and whose products are regarded as trustworthy.

Authentic enthusiasm for coffee and tea is reflected in Mokkamestarit’s service.

We make products that are suitable for everyone – irrespective of the customer’s knowledge of coffee or tea, preference and expertise, or the calibre of equipment at home.

We encourage everyone to be bold and try out specialist coffee.

Our Finnish ethical choices

  • The Key Flag certificate
  • A certified organic and free trade business

  • Member of Ring that bears producer responsibility for its packs

  • Direct financial support for the Los Chiquitines children’s home in the Cali coffee cultivation area in Columbia since 2006

  • Plan support child

  • Use of renewable energy at the roasting factory, with plans for own solar panels

  • Mokkamestarit’s coffee packs can be recycled in mixed or energy waste, and there are plans for switching to biodegradable wastes in future.

Mokkamestarit’s partners are required to have a detailed knowledge of the origin of the coffee, the environmental conditions of production, and on social conditions in the country and area of production.

We are always on the lookout for coffee grades and partners to help farmers in the country of origin to develop their living conditions. For example, Cafe Femenino coffees are based on empowerment of the community.